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Financial Options

at Connemara

Cost Comparison Worksheet

When it comes to making decisions about where to live, it is helpful to compare your current costs versus the costs of living in an assisted living community. Our monthly cost comparison worksheet helps you see budgeted items side-by-side when weighing the financial aspect of this decision.  Click here to view our Cost Comparison Worksheet.


Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Program

At Connemara Senior Living Campello, GAFC is a shared living concept. Residents have a private bedroom in a shared spacious two-bedroom unit. All units have full kitchens, living and dining room, bathroom, and balcony. Individuals must meet strict financial and clinical requirements and be covered by under Medicaid. Please contact our admissions office for complete details regarding the program.

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Veterans Aid and Attendance

A Veteran who is determined by VA to need the regular aid and attendance of another person, may be eligible to additional disability compensation or pension payments. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides an Aid and Attendance Pension to eligible wartime veterans and their surviving spouses which can help offset the expense of an assisted living. If the veteran qualifies, Aid & Attendance funds are provided in addition to monthly pension and Social Security benefits. Veterans may qualify for as much as:

  • Married veteran: $2,169 per month
  • Single veteran: $1,830 per month
  • Surviving spouse: $1,176 per month

Please click here for more detailed information. Or contact the admissions office for additional resources.

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Long-term Care Insurance

If you have a Long-Term Care insurance policy, it may cover assisted living costs as well.  If there is a policy designated for home care, it could be able to be used for assisted living.
Most insurance policies are very difficult for people to understand but knowing your benefits will be helpful in making sure you get what you have paid for.  It is normal for insurance companies to decline payment on the initial attempt.  In some instances, you or an advocate at the assisted living facility will need to contact the insurance companies and discuss these issues to facilitate approval. Long Term Care insurance benefits vary widely depending on the policy; which can affect qualifications and payment. Contact your Long-Term Care Insurance carrier for more information.

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Companion Suite Living

Connemara Senior Living offers Companion Suite Living. This is where two unrelated people of the same sex share a suite, whether in independent, assisted living or memory care. Within this living arrangement, the room and board of their shared suite is split. All units have full kitchens, living and dining rooms, bathroom, and balcony.
Although there is a financial benefit, having a roommate can help during the time of transition. We strive to match residents based on common interests and background. Having a roommate can promote socialization within the community. Other benefits of sharing a suite can increase energy, appetite, and emotional support.

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